The TRUTH About Creating Financial Freedom Using The Law Of Attraction

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My name is Justin Perry and, along with my good friend Pete Adams, we are going to show you the exact formula we used to become completely financially free using the Law of Attraction.

The Blueprint That Took Us From Broke To Millionaires...

Have you had enough of watching everyone else succeed with the Law of Attraction but you?

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They’re NOT special.

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Wealth is a science, with certain laws, and if you follow the laws you can achieve financial freedom.

This course is the result of many years, dollars, failures and tears spent searching for the blueprint to success.  You will learn the exact methods  we used to become wealthy and financially free at a fraction of the cost.

Course Overview

Justin Perry
Justin Perry
America's Law Of Attraction Coach & Self Made Multi-Millionaire Internet Entrepreneur


Justin is the founder and CEO of the world's largest Law of Attraction YouTube channel, YouAreCreators™. He founded YouAreCreators™ in 2012 which now has over 1.2 million subscribers across his 2 YouTube channels and over 100 million views combined.

His life changed drastically when he discovered the Law of Attraction and he has made it his mission is to supply you with the knowledge that will help you create the life you desire and deserve.

Pete Adams
Pete Adams
Real Estate Investing Expert & Law of Attraction Coach, Author, Speaker


Pete Adams is a philanthropist and both a Master and Teacher of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation. Pete has studied the greatest teachers of all time, and he has combined their teachings with specific techniques which he has successfully used to create miracles in his life.

Since 2004, Pete has been a full-time entrepreneur and business owner in various aspects of real estate and finance. As an Author & Teacher, he now feels that it is time to share his techniques and message with others to greatly improve the quality and satisfaction of their lives.

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